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Dr. Paik In-je, a leader of the Korean people and a pioneer of modern medicine in the country, founded Seoul Paik Hospital in 1932, the first private public interest foundation in Korea.

With the hospital as the foundation, the Drs. Paik Nak-hwan, Paik Nak-jo, and Paik In-je, the sons of the founder, established Inje College of Medicine in 1979, in collaboration with Drs. Jang Gi-ryeo and Jeon Jong-hwi, who were taught by the founder at Gyeongseong Medical School.

In 1989, the college of medicine developed into Inje University, and the school has been growing into a renowned local university thanks to the active support of the foundation and dedicated efforts by the members of the academic community. By implementing the goals of nurturing intelligent students who think, practicing students who create, and cultured students who serve, Inje University aims to influence not only the local community, but also the world.

The faculty and staff will make their best efforts to create a school in which students can learn, have fun, and share their talents.

The school will repay all that it received by re-imagining itself into a Great University. Thank you.

Cha In-jun, President of Inje University

Office of President

Office Address : 197, Inje-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea 50834

Office Phone : +82-55-320-3900



Mar 1, 1971 - Feb 28, 1977Bachelor of Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine
Mar 1, 1977 - Feb 28, 1979Master of Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine
Mar 1, 1982 - Feb 28, 1985M.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine

Professional Experience

Professional Experience
1982-1985Assistant Professor, Inje University College of Medicine
1985-1986Visiting Scholar, NIEHS Genetic Toxicology Branch
1987-1991Dean of Academic Affairs and Medicine, Assistant Director of Graduate School, Inje University
1991-1997Director of Planning, Inje University
1997-1999 / 2000-2004Vice President of Academic Affairs, Inje University
1999-2004Visiting Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine
2005-2009Member, Central Pharmacologist Evaluation Committee
2005-2009Director of Graduate School, Inje University
2008-2008Chairman, Korean Society of Pharmacology
2008-2016Special Advisor and Professor of Inje University College of Medicine
2005 - (Current)Auditor, Kim-Jeon Scholarship Committee
2014 - (Current)President, Inje University
2014-2015Chairman of Gyeongsangnam-do Educational Development Committee
2014 - (Current)Director, Federation of Busan Science and Technology
2014 - (Current)Member, Operating Committee for Busan Lee Tae-seok Memorial Foundation
2016 - (Current)Director, Korean Council for University Education
2016 - (Current)Vice Chairman, Korea Association of Private University Presidents
2016-2017Chairman, Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam-Jeju Association of University Presidents
2016 - (Current)Member, Korean Council for University Education Committee for College Admission


  • College, IMF, Challenge, and Hopes
  • Education Korea 30
  • Locally Produced Anti-bacterial Agents
  • Overview of Medical Sciences


  • Kagung Pharmacology
  • Harvard Core Pharmacology
  • Clinical Pharmacology for Nurses

Research Papers and Patents

  • Itraconazole and rifampin alter significantly the disposition and antihistamine effect of ebastine and its metabolites in healthy participants
  • CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 genotyping using multiplex single base extension for Asian Populations and others
  • [Patent] HtSNPs for determining a genotype of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A gene and multiplex genotyping methods using thereof and others


May 15, 1990Minister of Culture and Education Citation