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Dr. Paik In-je, a leader of the Korean people and a pioneer of modern medicine in the country, founded Seoul Paik Hospital in 1932, the first private public interest foundation in Korea.

With the hospital as the foundation, the Drs. Paik Nak-hwan, Paik Nak-jo, and Paik In-je, the sons of the founder, established Inje College of Medicine in 1979, in collaboration with Drs. Jang Gi-ryeo and Jeon Jong-hwi, who were taught by the founder at Gyeongseong Medical School.

In 1989, the college of medicine developed into Inje University, and the school has been growing into a renowned local university thanks to the active support of the foundation and dedicated efforts by the members of the academic community. By implementing the goals of nurturing intelligent students who think, practicing students who create, and cultured students who serve, Inje University aims to influence not only the local community, but also the world.

The faculty and staff will make their best efforts to create a school in which students can learn, have fun, and share their talents.

The school will repay all that it received by re-imagining itself into a Great University. Thank you.