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In response to environmental pollution and climate change severely threatening the survival of humanity, construction, management, and restoration of sustainable cities and industrial infrastructure is required. To meet such demands, the Department Construction Environment Engineering sets out to expand the competitiveness of national and urban territories and develop technologies for the optimal supply of infrastructure crucial to enhancing residents’ quality of life. In addition, the department researches how to achieve harmony between the supplied infrastructure and the natural environment. From water resources, atmosphere, ground, ecology, environmental chemistry, and marine ecology that make up the features of the environment crucial to the survival of humanity to organized use of artificial structures, waterworks system, and adaptation to climate change, the department deals with general and deeper knowledge on building sustainable smart cities. In order to achieve this end, the department compounds academic knowledge for building, managing, and restoring sustainable urban and industrial infrastructure and practical skills in civil and urban engineering and environmental engineering.

Civil and Urban Engineering Major
This major suggests creative ways to utilize spaces to improve problems caused by complex human living environments and designs various urban infrastructure facilities such as bridges, marine ports, tunnels, dams, and rivers as well as plant facilities such as nuclear power plants. The students learn how to maintain and manage such infrastructure in a creative and future-oriented manner as construction engineers.

Environmental Engineering Major
Students studying this field work to identify the cause of various environmental pollutions in air, water, waste, vibration, and odor, and study how to prevent and treat such pollution elements in order to reduce and eliminate pollution generation, ultimately working to improve human living environment, adapt to climate change, and restore balance in natural ecosystems. The program trains capable environmental experts who can conduct research in environmental companies and work to solve environmental problems nationally and in local communities.

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