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Inje University is located at the center of Korea’s southeastern economic sphere, home to the country’s largest industrial complex connecting the cities of Ulsan, Yangsan, Busan, Gimhae, Changwon, and Geoje. Major industries in this economic sphere include transportation equipment such as automobile, ship, and aircraft, as well as precision machinery such as machine tools and industrial robots. CEOs from companies in the local community often ask: “Is there an electronic technology expert who knows machines well, or a machine technology expert familiar with electronic technology, or a software expert who is versatile with machines and automobiles?” We can now answer that question.
The department offers four specialized tracks, with a strong encouragement to complete multiple tracks. The world is changing. We seek to challenge this new change with a new attitude. Unfold your dreams in this new academic department.

Cutting-Edge Mechanical Engineering Major Students studying this major learn knowledge regarding the engineering aspect of design and production of machine tools and structures used for convenience.
Phone: 055)320-3182
Website: http://homepage.inje.ac.kr/~mech/

Future Automobile Engineering Major
Students in this major learn to design, manufacture, and test automobiles that concentrate modern mechanical engineering, electronic, and information technologies. The program takes advantage of the school’s location in the center of Korean automobile manufacturing to nurture professional capabilities required for developing future automobile parts.
Phone: 055)320-3182
Webpage: http://homepage.inje.ac.kr/~mech/

Creative Electronic Engineering Major
Based on its export of semiconductor and electronic products, Korea has developed a world-class competitiveness in various electronic industry products including mobile phones and LCDs. This major program deals with future key technologies such as intelligent robots, green energy, automobile electrical devices, and electric vehicles, which are crucial elements in various industrial fields.
Phone: 055)320-3189
Website: http://eirobot.inje.ac.kr/

Information and Communication Technology Major
This discipline studies ways to safety exchange processed information. The program trains professionals in various technologies including internet, mobile communication, intelligent home network, digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), ubiquitous network, and mobile internet (wi-fi/wibro).
Phone: 055)320-3521
Website: http://infocom.inje.ac.kr

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