Researching Korean culture and sharing it with the local community.

The Inje University Museum collects and researches Korean culture, hospital and medical history, university history, and materials related to school academic departments. Through permanent and special exhibits, the museum offers cultural happiness for Inje family members, as well as the nation, and the local community.


  • Exhibition Room: Exhibition of museum materials
  • Storage Room: Storage of museum materials, temperature and humidity resistant room
  • Academic Research Office: Support for artifact research efforts, administration and information for museum business
  • Material Office: Collection and organization of museum materials

Exhibition Information

Inje University Museum features materials showing the history of Inje University and Paik Hospital, the first privately founded public interest corporation in Korea, as well as the timeline of Korean traditional medicine and hospitals.
  • Act 1: Traditional medical policies and medical philosophies
  • Act 2: Introduction of Western medicine and acceptance
  • Act 3: The advent of new medical institution: Hospital
  • Act 4: Development of modern hospitals and medical practice
  • Act 5: The life and achievements of Dr. Paik In-je
  • Act 6: Saving the world through the healing arts
  • Act 7: Saving the world through love and virtue
  • Act 8: Paik Hospital and Dr. Jang Gi-ryeo

Visitor Information

  • Hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 16:00
  • Admission: Free
  • Contact: Phone (+82)55-320-3178 / Fax (+82)55-336-8339
  • Address: #102, Seongsan Hall (Building F), 197, Inje-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea 50834
  • Please contact us in advance for additional information for group visitors.