Club Activities

provide abundant pleasure of campus life full of passion and dream.

It cannot be overemphasized that one thing that students should not miss in four years’ college life is a club activity. Located at Neulbit Hall, clubs are composed of six divisions where members share a wide variety of activities full of youth, passion, love, and friendship.


Club Activities Information
PurposeTo establish a new club with the purpose of contributing to the development of sound university culture and national culture
PeriodOpen ( anytime possible)
RequirementsA club should be composed of students of three or more than three college, and be open to any students without any discrimination in recruiting members. The following documents should be submitted to the Club Federation for approval: One copy of the membership list signed by more than 20 members, the additional documents including attached letters introducing the club and its purpose of registration.
Re-registrationPurposeExisting clubs’ re-registeration each semester
Registration PeriodMarch and September every year
Required DocumentsRegistration application, executive and member list, previous semester activities, objectives of club, club information, activity plans, equipment list, registration fee, and other club union forms
Registration LocationClub Union Office (3rd floor of Neulbit Hall)
Contact Information320-3073, 336-0226

Central Clubs

  • Sports Clubs: SUNRISING, Yeonmu Club, ACE, Saejae, Heendol, Kachenda, SKY DREAM, Triple B, No Break
  • Service and Liberal Arts: RCY, Hanul, Haesarang, I.M.M. Meong’s Day, Inje Academy, Gruteogi, Life Keeper
  • Academic Clubs: Nalgae, ENIAC, KEY, Sunshower, Inje Genius
  • Performance and Art Clubs: Hanalsori, MUSE, Andante, Amis, Black Knight, Shindeulme, Supreme Crew
  • Exhibition and Art Clubs: Animani, Bitsarang, Photoholic, Moona
  • Religion Clubs: UBF, SFC, CCC, IVF, Catholic Student Council, IBS, BIUM