Club Activities

One thing cannot be missing in four years of college life. Club activities are an indispensable part of college, and Neulbit Hall at Inje University hosts clubs in six categories that allow the students to share their youth, passion, love, and friendship.


Club Activities Information
New RegistrationTargetNew clubs that aim to develop a health college culture and national culture.
Registration PeriodMarch and September every year
EligibilityClubs must have members from at least three colleges and feature no bias in member recruitment. One copy of the member list with twenty or more names, related documents stating registration objectives and club information, and a registration fee must be submitted.
Re-registrationEligibilityClubs registered in the past semesters
Registration PeriodMarch and September every year
Required DocumentsRegistration application, executive and member list, past semester activities and objectives of the club, club information, activity plans, equipment list, registration fee, and other club union forms
Registration LocationClub Union Office (3rd floor of Neulbit Hall)
Contact Information320-3073, 336-0226

Central Clubs

  • Sports Clubs: SUNRISING, Yeonmu Club, Aruhui, ACE, Hwarang Kendo Club, Saejae, Heendol, Kachenda, SKY DREAM, Shamu, Triple B, No Break
  • Service and Liberal Arts: RCY, Hanul, Youth Hostel, Haesarang, Yeolsongarak, P.T.P., The Last Leaf, I.M.M.
  • Academic Clubs: Hansarang, Nalgae, ENIAC, KEY, MRI
  • Performance and Art Clubs: Hanalsori, MUSE, Andante, Amis, Black Knight, Shindeulme
  • Exhibition and Art Clubs: Mindeulle, Animani, Bitsarang, Photoholic
  • Religion Clubs: UBF, SFC, CCC, IVF, Catholic Student Council