Inje University Paik In-je Memorial Library owns 780,000 books, 30,000 items of multimedia data, 50,000 electronic books and journals, in addition to user service systems in the multimedia room, video seminar room, topical material rooms, Kim Hak-su Memorial Museum, traditional cultural education room, digital genealogy library, and many others. These user-friendly facilities and services are provided to students, faculty, and staff for their research and learning projects.

As a space for academic research and education training global talents in the globalized and informatized world of the twenty-first century, the library also offers cultural exhibition events for the local residents and students to exchange and communicate cultural knowledge. In addition, the library fulfills its responsibility as a local cultural institution through children’s classics reading program, a Korean traditional tea etiquette program, and a digital genealogy library. Such efforts were recognized through the 43rd Korean Library Award in 2011.


Library Facilities
CategoryFacilitiesLocationContact Information
Reference Information Desk
  • Request original copy of materials from other libraries
  • Response to requests and questions
  • Library user training
  • Library information for handicapped users
2nd Floor320-3455
Check-out/Return RoomBook Check-out and return2nd Floor320-3035
Topical Material Rooms
  • Books and Past Magazines
  • Internet Booth
3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors320-3035
Periodical Publications Room
  • Periodicals from Korea and abroad (journals and academic conference papers)
  • Master’s and Ph.D. Dissertations
  • National Assembly Electronic Library Search Booth
  • Satellite TV Booth
  • Language Learning Booth
  • Internet Booth
6th Floor320-3413
Reading Rooms 1 and 2Open 24 hours a day1st Floor320-3035
Multimedia Room
  • Class Support Booth
  • Liberal Arts Support Booth
  • Internet Booth
  • DVD and Video Booth
  • UCC and CD-ROM Booth
  • Satellite TV Booth
  • Language Learning Booth
2nd Floor320-3617
Medial Editing and Production Room
  • Video equipment support
  • Multimedia contents development
2nd Floor320-3618
Video Seminar RoomSupport for internal and external special lectures, workshops, and video classes2nd Floor320-3616


Library Hours
CategoryDuring the SemesterDuring the Holidays
Monday - FridaySaturdayMonday - FridaySaturday
Check-out/Return Room09:00-22:0009:00-15:0009:00-17:00Closed
Multimedia Room
Topical Material Rooms
Periodical Publications Room
Reference Information Desk09:00-17:00-
Reading Rooms 1 and 2Open 24 hours a dayOpen 24 hours a day
Medial Editing and Production Room----
Video Seminar Room----