Alumni of Inje, Lights of the World

Proud Alumni of Inje

Despite its relatively short history, Inje University has been producing proud graduates who help make the world better. In particular, the late Fr.John Tae-seok Lee, an alumni of the third graduating class of the College of Medicine, is well known as the protagonist in the documentary film “Don’t Cry for Me, Sudan.” He built a school and amedical clinic in the war-ravaged remote areas of Africa, and implemented various volunteer activities. He is highly respected by both Sudanese and Koreans. There are many other Inje alumni who are carrying out various activities for social development.
Social Activities

The late Fr. John Tae-seok Lee

an alumni of the third graduating class of the College of Medicine
Protagonist of the documentary film “Don’t Cry for Me, Sudan”
Social Activities

Dr. Muyeol Park

an alumni of the ninth graduating class of the College of Medicine
Director of Karamtola Christian Hospital in Bangladesh
Social Activities

Professor Bongjae Jeon

Department of Biomedical Engineering; started his undergraduate studies in 1993
Professor at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Social Activities

CEO Eunyeong Han

Department of Microbiology, 1991
Social Activities

CEO Seonhui Jeong

Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, 2001
CEO of Sulbing
Social Activities

Professor Gyeonghun Yun

Department of Korean Language and Literature, 1992
Professor at Ryutsu Keizai University in Japan
Social Activities

Professor Huiseung Gang

Department of English Language and Literature, 2001
Professor at Case Western ReserveUniversity, U.S.A.
Social Activities

CEO Yeongrae Ju

Department of Chinese Studies, 1992
CEO of Hanyoung Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Social Activities

Lawyer Mina Lee

Department of Law; 2007
The youngest person to pass the bar examination.
Social Activities

Ha Kyung-ae

Occupational Health Department, 92
UNFCCC Secretariat
The first Korean employee working at the U.N. Framework Convention of Climate Change
Social Activities

announcer Kim Ji-hyun

Department of News and Broadcasting, 05
KBS Announcer
Social Activities

Lee Joo-hyung

Music Department, 10
1st prize in the float section of the 41st JoongAng Music Competition