Social Activities

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Volunteer Activities: Community / Overseas

Inje University provides students with character education in order for them to actively participate in volunteer activities and work with communities. In addition, it has carried out a wide range of overseas volunteer programs and cooperation projects with developing countries.
Social ActivitiesSocial ActivitiesSocial Activities

Free Semester Program for Students’ Career Development

As the Free Semester system for middle-school students has been fully implemented, Inje University and Paik Hospital have systematically carried out the Free Semester Program to help middle-school students improve their skills and realize their dreams in the future.

International Cooperation and Volunteering Beyond Borders

Inje University conducts a variety of overseas volunteer activities in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, crossing borders to meet people who need help. In addition, it offers educational opportunities to local residents in the developing world. In particular, Inje has been actively carrying out ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects in East Timor, Bangladesh, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, and Bolivia, and was selected as the best leading university for international cooperation by the Ministry of Education.
Social ActivitiesSocial ActivitiesSocial Activities


Through the “Sri Lankan Nursing Degree Program Establishment Project,” which has been in place for six years since 2013, Inje University has made the achievement of opening a regular four-year nursing bachelor's degree curriculum at the local University of Colombo. Inje University also achieved the following results: improvement of nursing education system of 18 national nursing colleges, strengthening faculty's capabilities, emergency medical nurse education program , and exchange program for nursing students of both countries.

Laos, Cambodia

Inje University dispatches students to Laos and Cambodia through overseas training programs to provide educational volunteer works for elementary school students, renovation of school walls and classrooms, and cultural performances, etc. Since we were selected as the “Phase-2 Project to Strengthen the Capabilities of the Lao Police Hospital”” by the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA), we have cooperated with the Laotian Public Security Department and Korean credit〮gran-type aid organizations to strengthen the capabilites of medical personnel belonging to the Public Security Department in Laos by 2022. In addition, we are actively participating in improving the health care environment of partner countries through medical education and technology transfer, invitational workshops for doctors and nurses in Cambodia since we were involved in Lee Jong-wook Fellowship Program implemented by the Korean Foundation for International Healthcare(KOFIH) in 2014.


Selected for Eye Health Promotion and Prevention of Blindness in the Selected Areas of Bangladesh Project (to be completed by 2020), initiated by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Inje University offers high-quality eye health care and medical services to local residents while helping improve the capabilities of eye doctors and eye care specialists, and setting up national health care plans.


Funded by the Korea Foundation for International Health Care (KOFIH) from 2016 to 2017, Inje University helps strengthening health information system of the BolivianMunicipal Holland Hospital(BMHH) project and medical information system for effective medical data management and convenience as well as train people for the project.

East Timor

Inje University, with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA), has been carrying out Maternal Health Improvement Projects in East Timor from 2015 to 2019 to provide safe delivery services and improve the awareness of maternal health . To this end, we have actively operated detailed projects such as dispatching experts to local communities, promotion programs for maternal health, training for medical staffs, support of medical equipment, and invitational workshop for local experts.


Inje University is participating in the consulting projects for the operation of Mozambique hospitals and the Lee Jong-wook Fellowship Program with the support of the Korean Foundation for International Healthcare(KOFIH) and the Export-Import Bank of Korea’s Economic Development Cooperation Fund(EDCF). In addition, we are promoting the strengthening Mozambique’s health care infrastructure through counsel of the operation of the Central Hospital in Keliman State, Mozambique and invitational training for medical personnel.


Inje University is actively participated in the project of the Korea International Health and Medical Foundation (KOFIH), which aims to strengthen the capabiliites of emergency medical services. We are also contributing to enhancing the capabilities of Uzbekistan's emergency medical field through the Emergency Medical ToT (Training of Teachers).