Inje University accommodates 2,428 students in 7 dormitories, including Indeokjae Yeonggwan, Yanghyeonjae, Baekyangjae, Gosiwon, and Medical College Dormitory (Busan campus). In addition, Yanghyunjae is open for the convenience of international students.

Living Information

Cafeteria Hours: Breakfast 07:30 - 10:00 / Dinner 17:00 – 19:00


  • Student rooms are equipped with personal beds, desks (and chairs), closets, electric fan, and radiator, in addition to LAN cable and wi-fi environment.
  • Toiletries and linen must be purchased by resident students.
  • Dormitory Facilities
    • - In the rooms : Beds, desks, chairs, closet (and shoe closet), air conditioner and heater, phone, portable fire extinguisher, cleaning supply, trash can
    • - Common facilities (on each floor) : Shower room and bathroom (except for Injeong Hall)
  • Convenience Facilities: Dormitory residents can use convenience facilities in their own building. (Refer to dormitory website)
  • Other Facilities
    Coin laundry, laundry room, gym, table tennis room, copying machine/ATM room, group exercise room, seminar room, reading room, computer room, dormitory cafeteria, store, snack corner, etc.

Facility User Guide

How to Enter the Dormitory

  • Using Building Access Gate
    • - The access gate is open only to the building residents with a registered pass card(student ID card).
    • - If the resident loses the pass card, he or she must visit the administrative office to reissue the card for a fee.
    • - Touch the card on the reader on the speed gate, and pass through when the glass door opens.
      (The sensor allows only one person to pass through at a time)
  • Using Room Door (automatic door lock)
    • - Visit the information office when moving into the building to check the room entrance door passcode. Change the passcode after opening the room door for the first time.
    • - Passcode change instructions are shown on the back side of the automatic door lock.
  • Using the Closet Key in the Room
    • - If needed, request a room door key and closet key at the information office and return the keys to the office when moving out of the building.
    • - Residents who do not return their keys when moving out will not be able to live in the dormitories the following semester.
    • - Loss of keys (for the room, closet, and desk drawers) and key chain may incur additional fees.

Requesting Repairs for the Rooms

  • Request facility repairs on the dormitory website.
  • Contact information for repairs office - When calling from dormitory rooms: x5001 (repairs office: only call for emergencies)
  • Heating and hot water supply time: Separately notified겍 Hot water may not be available when there are too many people using the water at the same time. Wait to use the water in this case.
  • Information Various information regarding the dormitories is available on the notice board in the dormitory elevators, entrance, and website.


Residents are responsible for the common supplies and personal items in the rooms. Please take care to lock the door and keep valuables safe by keeping the keys, passcode, and resident pass card safe.