Research Institutes

Inje University aims to engage in deeper research activities in various academic fields, social issues, environmental issues, and genetic engineering to create a harmonious world that benefits people.

Affiliate Research Institutions by Area (Current as of October 1, 2020)

Humanities and Social Sciences Art, Music, and Physical Education (16 institutions)

Research Institutes - Affiliate Research Institutions by Area (Current as of October 1, 2020)
Name Established In Academic Discipline Director
Gaya Cultural InstituteSep-93HumanitiesLee Dong-HeeDepartment of Humanities and Culture
International Health Research CenterSep-12Social SciencesPark No-ryeGraduate School of Public Health
Design InstituteFeb-00DesignPaik Jin-kyungDepartment of Multimedia
Human Environment Future Research CenterMar-08HumanitiesKim Hye-gyeongDepartment of Humanities and Culture
Humanities Medicine Research CenterAug-07HumanitiesKim Taek-jungDepartment of Premedical Course
Unification Research CenterSep-91Social SciencesJin Hee-gwanDepartment of Unification Studies
Korean Cultural Strategy Research CenterOct-05HumanitiesKim Young-wooDepartment of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Statistical Information Research CenterMar-06Natural SciencesSeok Gyeong-haDepartment of Statistics
Inje Hospice and Palliative Care Research CenterFeb-17Social SciencesJo HyeonDepartment of Health Policy and Management
Anti-smoking Education Research CenterMar-17Social SciencesWon Jong-haDepartment of Economics, International Trade &Tourism
INJE Institute of Democracy and AutonomySep-17Social SciencesLee Sang-HyebDepartment of Public Service
Research Center for the Future of WelfareSep-17Social SciencesLee Sun-wooDepartment of Social Welfare
Research Center for Local StudiesDec-2017HumanitiesLee Jin-HooDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literature
Research Center for Good Reading and WritingMar-18HumanitiesKang Sung-sookDepartment of Liberal Arts Education
Research Center for Urban Renewal and InnovationJun-18Social SciencesLee Jang-MinDepartment of Architecture
Research Center for Multiculatural FutureJun-18Social SciencesCathy Do Kyong YiForeign Language Education Center

Medicine and Pharmacy (16 institutions)

Research Institutes - Affiliate Research Institutions by Area (Current as of October 1, 2020)
Name Established In Academic Discipline Director
Health Science Research CenterMar-06Medicine and PharmacyOH JI-NADepartment of Nursing
International Safety City Research CenterAug-10Medicine and PharmacyBae Jeong-iDepartment of Nursing
Innovative Therapeutics Research InstituteMay-04Medicine and PharmacyChoi In-hakDepartment of Premedical Course
Paik In-je Memorial Clinical Medicine Research CenterApr-03Medicine and PharmacyYANG YOUNG-ILDepartment of Medicine
Eating Disorder and Mental Health Research CenterFeb-15Medicine and PharmacyKim Yul-liMental Health Medicine
Smart Wellness Research CenterDec-14Medicine and PharmacyPark Jong-haInternal Medicine
Sports Medicine Research CenterMay-10Medicine and PharmacyHa Jeong-guOrthopedics
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders CenterFeb-06Medicine and PharmacyHan JinPhysiology Class
Drugs and Genetic Material Research CenterJan-03Medicine and PharmacySin Jae-gukPharmacology Class
Inje Pharmacology Research CenterMay-15Medicine and PharmacyPark Yo-hanDepartment of Pharmarcy
Clinical Emotional Cognition Function Research CenterSep-11Medicine and PharmacyLee Seung-hwanMental Health Medicine
Clinical Nutrition Research CenterNov-03Medicine and PharmacyHur Yang-Im Department of Family Medicine
Environmental and Industrial Medicine InstituteApr-79Medicine and PharmacyLee Chae-gwanDepartment of Premedical Course
Bran Science-Radiology Convergence Surgery Research CenterSep-16Medicine and PharmacySon Mun-junNeurosurgery
Dementia and Degenerative Disease Research CenterSep-16Medicine and PharmacyKim Seong-jinNeurology
Smart Marine Therapeutics CenterJan-20Medicine and PharmacyHAN JINDepartment of Premedical Course

Sciences and Engineering(9 institutions)

Research Institutes - Affiliate Research Institutions by Area (Current as of October 1, 2020)
Name Established In Academic Discipline Director
Construction Technology Research CenterMay-00EngineeringCHO BAIK SOONDepartment of Civil and Urban Engineering
Elderly Life Redesign Research CenterOct-07Engineering (Medical Engineering)Sin Jeong-ukDepartment of Biomedical Engineering
High Safety Vehicle Key Technology Research CenterFeb-08EngineeringKim Heung-seopDepartment of Electronic, Telecommunications, Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
Basic Sciences Research CenterMar-89Natural SciencesPark Dong HoDepartment of Biomedicinal Chemistry
Nano Manufacturing Research CenterOct-01EngineeringSon Geun-yongDepartment of Nanoscience and Engineering
Nakdonggang Estuary Environment Research CenterOct-90Natural SciencesKim Yeong-doDepartment of Environmental Engineering
Air Environment Information Research CenterJun-03EngineeringPark Jong-gilDepartment of Environmental Engineering
U-Anti-Aging Healthcare Research CenterDec-07EngineeringKIM CHUL-SOODepartment of Computer Engineering
Research Institute of BlockchainDec-19EngineeringKIM CHUL-SOODepartment of Computer Engineering