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Global Inje Heads toward the World While Working for the Local

In an effort to create diverse university–local industry cooperation models, Inje University has pushed ahead with various programs designed to encourage cooperation between universities and companies or research centers, promoting the employment and start-ups of local students.
Glocal InjeGlocal InjeGlocal Inje

Projects in Cooperation with the Local Industry

In Gimhae, where Inje University is located, there are many manufacturing companies and specialized support centers such as the Gimhae Biomedical Center and the Fine Instruments Center. In the neighboring city of Milyang, the construction of the National Nano Convergence Industrial Complex is underway, and the Changwon Industrial Complex and the Noksan Industrial Complex are located nearby. To benefit from these environments, Inje University has established a dynamic cooperation network with companies. It is producing talented graduates through local industry-education programs.
In particular, as Inje University was selected for the Large-Scale PRIME Project that offers the university KRW 48 billion, the Korean government’s largest subsidy, for three years, Inje has been focusing on biomedical health care, future energy engineering, and design engineering education.

INFACO for Win-Win Growth

Inje University is pushing ahead with industry-university cooperation through INje University FAmily Company (INFACO) to strengthen cooperation between Inje and companies in Busan and Gyeongnam, thus contributing to win-win growth. In 2017, INFACO was selected as an excellent institute for industry-university cooperation by the Gyeongnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation.

Cancer Treatment Drug Development in Cooperation with CTI

Inje University’s Multiple Myeloma Center (Director: Professor Inhak Choe) and Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) launched a collaboration aimed at cancer treatment drug development. The two centers are making great efforts to develop medicine for cancer treatment based on Inje University’s innovative research and Pfizer’s drug development skills.
Glocal InjeGlocal Inje

Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation (LINC) Project to Strengthen Practical Competence

As part of the Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation Project, Inje University helps students learn practical skills that their future industry will need by offering them on the-job training and start-up festivals. Inje University also provides undergraduate degree courses in Production Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, and Industrial and Systems Engineering to those who are already working.

Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation Project

Selected for the Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation (LINC+) Project, Inje University will receive a government subsidy of KRW 22.5 billion for five years (KRW 4.5 billion) until 2021. The vision of the project is “Win-Win Development of the University and Local Community,” and its aim is to strengthen national competitiveness by expanding youth employment and start-ups as well as supporting small- and medium-sized companies.
Inje University plans to create six brands through the project, with the aim of establishing a sustainable and an industry-leading university. In addition, in an effort to produce forward-looking, convergence-type talents with emotional intelligence, who can meet industrial needs and respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it will set up university-industry education courses based on i-Hope (Inje Humanity Oriented Professional pErson). It also pursues win-win growth with the local community.
Inje University is developing cultural business contents, such as Gimhae Culture Plains and storytelling, in cooperation with the local society in order to contribute to the development of the local community.

Programs to Create Talents Who Will Lead the Local Community and Strategic Industries

In 2016, Inje University was selected as a training center for Region- and Industry-Specific Human Resources Development,a program led by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. In 2017, it received a subsidy of KRW 1.568 billion for the project. Inje University makes every effort to train company employees and Inje students to meet the needs of strategic industries.

Industry Professional Practice (IPP) to Offer On-Site Experience to Students

Inje University became the first university in Gyeongnam to be selected for Industry Professional Practice (IPP), a long-term internship program initiated by the Human ResourcesDevelopment Service of Korea. The program aims to resolve mismatches between universities and companies in order to address youth unemployment. For that purpose, it offers juniors and seniors an opportunity to have on-the-job experience for a long period and learn systematic on-site training.