International Programs

Global Education Programs to help students communicate with the world

To produce talents who can thrive in the rapidly changing world, Inje University offers various global programs such as the International Exchange Program. Our overseas studies program and overseas internship program serve as bases for our global education, and our overseas employment network helps students grow into professional talents with a global mindset.

International Exchange Program to Help Students Thrive on the Global Stage

Inje University offers students a variety of international exchange programs, including study abroad and overseas language programs to improve their foreign language abilities and understanding of foreign cultures. Every year, scholarships are given to about 500 students enrolled in the Overseas Studies Program. Universities and research institutes in foreign countries provide students an opportunity to study and conduct their research. Inje University plans to expand exchange programs by concluding more academic exchange agreements with prominent institutes abroad.

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Overseas Employment Program to Help Students Have a Hands-On Experience and Build a Global Mindset

In an effort to enhance our students’ overseas employability and develop their practical skills, Inje University offers various overseas internship and overseas employment programs. As the Korean job market gets extremely competitive, these programs will provide students with a better opportunity to find a job in the global labor market.

K-MOVE School

Selected for the K-MOVE School Overseas Employment Program administered by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, Inje University, offers grants for overseas study to students with ability and passion.It also offers professional training courses to help selectedstudents find a job abroad.

VINA Project

The VINA Project, which is led by Inje University’s Global Talent Training Center, offers job-matching services to future graduates who want to find a job overseas until they are employed as regular employees.

Korean Language & Culture Programs for International Students

Inje University has become a mecca of global education by offering a variety of programs to international and exchange students in an attempt to promote the excellence of Korean language and culture.

Short-term Intensive Korean Language & Culture Program

To provide the students from our exchange partners an opportunity to improve their Korean and to promote international exchanges programs, Inje University offers a “Short-term Intensive Korean Language & Culture Program” during summer vacation. The program consists of language education encompassing listening, speaking, writing, and reading as well as various activities to learn about Korean culture and traditions.

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Korean Language & Culture Center

International Programs
Since it was founded in 2008, the Korean Language & Culture Center at Inje University has become a leading Korean language education institute in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do area. With a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors in Korean language education, the Korean Language & Culture Center offers the best Korean language programs for international students so that they can take another step forward as global talents. All of this in a laid-back and comfortable study environment.

Promoting Korean Language & Culture through International Exchange Programs

International Programs
Since 2015, Inje University has been hosting a Korean language competition every year across the Pan Pearl River Delta region in China in collaboration with Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School. In addition to this, Inje University has been taking the initiative to promote educational exchanges with overseas universities and to support Korean language education at overseas institutions by running a Korean language education center in collaboration with Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College. Also, in 2017 it became a member of the Pan-PRD Delta Association for Korean Language Education.

Dormitories for International Students

International Programs
To create a convenient, clean, and comfortable studying and living environment for international students, Inje University offers dormitories exclusively for foreigners, equipped with heating and air-conditioning systems, laundry rooms, kitchens, a student computer room for common use, seminar rooms, and guest rooms.

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