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Inje University was established in 1979 as Inje Medical College, originated by Paik Hospital, Korea's first privately-funded corporation founded by Dr. Paik Inje. This year marks the 42th anniversary of Inje University and the 80th anniversary of Paik Hospital.

Looking back on the past history of the university, I am highly proud that it has invested a huge amount of money and energy in education and research facilities for students, and the campus has been enormously innovated. In doing so, Inje Medical College has grown into Inje University with five university hospitals located in Seoul, Busan, Sanggye, Ilsan, and Haeundae. It was possible because all of our members had the persistent passion for educating young generation leading our society with tremendous effort to actualize fully the founding principle of'Insuljese·Indukjese'(Save the world with philanthropic medical practices through technology and virtue).

As I ran for the president, the campaign slogan that epitomized my vision of the university was 'Into the Region! Into the World! A Prestigious University Leading the Future and Nurturing Talents.'I will continue to make bold investments and challenge endlessly for innovating higher education in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I am committed to making our school one of the most prestigious universities that provide to the world qualified talents who are oriented toward creativity and convergence.

I will dedicate myself to shaping the university with a global competitive edge through education, research innovation, and local community-university cooperation, and the university with a sustainable and efficient administrative and financial system. And I will devote myself to developing it into the academic community where all members communicate freely and fully cooperate with one another.

Now, it is my sincere wish to open a new era of Inje. I am and will be fully dedicated to accomplishing this task, and looking forward to your unswerving support, including that of alumni, parents, and everyone who has always been with us. Thank you.

Jeon, Minhyon, President of Inje University

Office of President

Office Address : 197, Inje-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea 50834

Office Phone : +82-55-320-3900


Educational History

Educational History
Mar.1977 ~Feb.1981Bachelor of Engineering, Hanyang Univ.
Aug.1988~Dec.1990Master of Engineering, Univ. of Kentucky
Jan.1991~Dec.1995Doctor of Engineering, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville

Professional History

Professional History
Oct.1982-Oct.1988Researcher, Agency for Defense Development
Feb.1996-Feb.1999Chief researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Mar.1999-Aug.2019Professor, Department of Nanoscience and Engineering, Inje University
July 2004-June 2006Director, Office of Research and Innovation, Inje University
Director, Office of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Inje University
July 2006-Aug. 2013Director, BK21 Nano Technology-Based Professional Human Resources Development Project Group
Sept. 2013-Jan.2017Director, BK21 Plus Nano Convergence Project Group
Jan. 2017-Jan. 2019The first Dean, College of Bio Nano Information Technology (BNIT), Inje University
Sept. 2019-PresentThe 8th President of Inje University