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Nano engineering is an academic discipline that researches minuscule elements in nanometers (one billionth of a meter) to use them in industrial areas. The Department of Nanoscience and Engineering first began admitting students in 2002, and grew to have 12 full-time professors, 1 foreign professor, 2 researching professors, 5 external professors from industries, and 3 staff members in 2016. In recent years, the NURI project and BK21 project conducted by the government and specialization support projects from the university headquarters helped the department acquire cutting-edge equipment including atomic microscopes and electronic microscopes that enhanced the educational environment. In addition, the department participates in an engineering education certification program to provide a world-class industry-oriented engineering education. The curriculum includes the four fields of nano material/ semiconductor/bio-convergence engineering, nano material engineering, nano semiconductor engineering, and nano bioengineering. The semiconductor market is built around the semiconductor industry. Nano material and bio area includes high molecular material industry, in addition to fields such as biomems for physiological diagnosis and treatment, medical development, and drug delivery. Through instruction on nano material/semiconductor/bio-convergence engineering, nano material engineering, nano semiconductor engineering, and nano bioengineering, the students are advancing to graduate schools and major corporations, showing over eighty percent in academic advancement and employment rate. The students can also choose a detailed specialization track depending on their preference and aptitude after beginning their studies. In addition, they can selectively receive education in various fields within the department.

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