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The Department of Biotechnology is the only academic department founded with the support from the Ministry of Education’s Program for Industrial Needs-Matched Education (PRIME) project, with a goal to nurture talents required for bio-industry recently undergoing a renaissance. It is equipped with an innovative and employment-oriented curriculum that combine basic life science instruction education and with field studies in bioengineering. Students at the department acquire basic knowledge on bioengineering, in addition to specialized knowledge and experience through various laboratory classes until they are in their junior year. This curriculum helps the students accumulate knowledge in the major, and also prepares them for medical and pharmacy schools after graduation. Juniors in the department choose a major. The department offers two majors. Third year-students choose one from the two majors offered by the department. The first is the bio science major, which teaches life phenomena in molecular levels and advanced knowledge in basic medicine for students to become professionals in medicine and healthcare. The second is the bioengineering major, which instructs students on broad principles and technologies in the field of bioengineering to help them become professionals in research centers of bioengineering companies that engage in a cutting-edge knowledge-based business that will lead the twenty-first century.

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