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The Department of HealthCare Information Technlogy was first founded in 2016 to train professionals in the healthcare industry based on software and information technology. The department builds on Inje University’s expertise in medicine and life sciences from Paik Hospital, and was founded as a part of the PRIME project, the largest educational project in Korea as of this date. It is well known that the healthcare industry, a key strategic global industry for the next generation, is one of the ten major industries in Korea. With the advent of big data and internet technology, the field now requires software and information technology engineers with a specialty in healthcare. The department responds to such social requirements by training healthcare professionals capable of handling software and wearable devices as well as developing services through following programs.<br/>
(1) Healthcare science: Brain science and mental health, processing and analysis of physiological signals, IT exercise treatment, human physiology, data visualization, and related courses.<br/>
(2) Healthcare software: Courses for software and platform development for healthcare, and development of network systems, biometric authentication, and security technologies.<br/>
(3) Healthcare and artificial intelligence: Courses for developing healthcare services through machine learning, deep learning, and data mining to nurture talents that can generate data-driven businesses.

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