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The twenty-first century is an age of healthcare and medical industries working to create a healthy society. The Korean pharmaceutical industry grew ten percent on average annually for the past ten years, with a market size of fifteen trillion Korean won, which is the tenth largest in the world. Therefore, the industry is highly influential over cutting-edge fields such as bioengineering. While six hundred pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies in Korea require two to three thousand new employees every year, only six to eight percent of them are professionals such as pharmacists. As there is an industrial need for pharmaceutical engineering professionals, the department aims to train experts in pharmaceutical quality management, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical marketing, clinical testing, and cosmetic product development.

What is Pharmaceutical Engineering? It is a study of pharmaceutical production, GMP, quality management, and validation that makes practical contributions to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. As of 2022, the department graduated 15 classes of graduates, with three hundred alumni working in pharmaceutical companies, clinical testing companies, biomedical companies, and cosmetics companies. The employment rate over the past 13 years has been above sixty percent.

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