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As life science develops, the human life span in the future is expected to drastically increase. As such, food will not only play a role as a source of energy and nutrients, but also it will provide functions such as disease prevention and health promotion. In order to respond to the newly required role of food, the Department of Food and Life Science teaches students how to manufacture and process food safely and how to consume different types of food. To provide complementary instruction in these two topics, the department offers the two tracks of food engineering and food nutrition. The food nutrition track explores the mutual relationship between human activity and food to nurture the students’ ability to provide sanitary and balanced diet to consumers in companies, medical facilities, and schools, as well as to plan systematic nutritional management. The food engineering track provides knowledge and theories on enhancing the convenience, functionality, preference, nutrition, distribution, and storage of food items and increasing their added value. Field practice opportunities are also offered to train the best technicians in food industry.

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