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Five P’s describe the Department of Public Service at Inje University.

Keywords: Passion, challenge, untameable, justice, and sensitivity
We want challengers with a mind open to the world. We do not want students with high exam scores. We do not assess stereotypical and tamed values highly. We do not care about lower middle and high school grades. It is enough to have a sense of justice for the world and a sensitivity for understanding human history. We await passionate people who can put themselves in front of the world.

Keywords: Participation, theory, practice, debate, action, and builder
Participation is the combination of theory and practice. Theories help us clearly understand the phenomena of the human world. Participation makes us builders and individuals not bound by social norms. With free debates and participation, we encourage various activities related to daily lives of the people and offer opportunities. Participation and action are our majors.

Keywords: Professionalism, experience, opportunity, communication, ethics, and university
Our faculty, with diplomas from renowned universities in the U.S. and Germany, and visiting professors with a diverse range of experiences provide a quality education second to no other school in Korea. We provide an educational opportunity not accessible in any other university, through various programs encompassing theories and practice. The Department of Public Service, which boasts an exceptionally close bond between faculty and students in a school with the highest communication index in Korea, actively implements the educational philosophy of Inje University that focuses on ethics and personal characteristics. Here, you will experience university as an educational institution, not an employment academy, as it should.

Keywords: Pride, self-respect, a better self, and overcoming failures
Students and the Department of Public Service know how to love themselves. Instead of being self-centered, the students can break free from stereotypes and declare a new beginning in their lives. Pride is not vanity without a source. Here are youths who wish to shed their past hesitations, fears, and shame to make themselves into better people with their abilities and ethics. Our students and faculty know that failure is not a road to frustration, but a necessary condition for victory.

Keywords: Publicness, new public areas, ethics, professionalism, the fourth sector
Working towards the happiness of the self, and others, as well as the community. We aim to overcome the pains of this market centered era without publicness. In addition, we seek to overcome the inefficiency of the public sector. We make an effort to train talents who can work in a new and sustainable public sector. As the borders between various social sectors weaken, the department focuses on educating students who can work in organizations working for politics, administration, education, law, environment, labor, welfare, press, resource activities, profit, and civil society.

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