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Counseling or Psychotherapy is a field of applied psychology that aims to help individuals to maintain happiness through empirical and scientific analysis of the human mind, emotions, and behaviors. Recently, pathological phenomena such as various violence, depression, and suicide, which are rapidly increasing, strongly suggest that the psychological conflict experienced by modern people has reached a serious level and requires active intervention with this. This major directly contributes to improving the quality of life of individuals by broadly learning and applying knowledge related to counseling and psychotherapy necessary to effectively resolve various psychological problems and conflicts experienced by individuals. In this regard, the educational goal of our department is to nurture ‘counselors and psychotherapists', one of the most promising jobs in the future. We provide specialized educational programs and customized career services that help each student in our department grows into a professional with the competencies required by society, as well as into a mature human being who can take the lead in constructing their own career paths after graduation.  

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