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What is Drone IoT Simulation?<br/>
School of Drone IoT Simulation aims to educate fundamentals and applications of computer simulation which will create a new world by connecting hardware and software and integrating analog with digital. One of the typical application of this kind integrated education is Drone and IoT.<br/><br/>

We established Inje Drone Education and Development Institute (IDEDI) to create a good environment for drone experiments. We encourage students to participate in small group activities, through which students may exchange their ideas and information. <br/><br/>

<b>Problem-solving education</b><br/>
The curriculum is designed to enhance problem-solving capabilities by deepening students’ understanding of fundamentals of science and their creative thinking. To achieve this, students will be assigned practical problems and requested to analyze, plan and solve them for themselves.<br/><br/>

<b>Education for integration of analog with digital</b><br/>
Computer simulation technique connecting hardware and software, and integrating analog with digital will enable students to create one’s own new world. Each student will familiarize oneself with this computer simulation technique and learn to apply it flexibly.<br/><br/>

<b>Practical curriculum</b><br/>
Students will learn various software tools (C language, Java, Python, Node.js, etc.) and hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Drone, etc.) practices to become leading manpowers in the future industry of SW-HW convergence.

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