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In the modern world that is coming closer together, learning foreign languages and about foreign cultures is becoming more crucial to understanding the world and living in harmony with other countries. Therefore, the Division of Foreign Languages and Literature teaches not only English as a global language, but also Chinese, whose importance as a global language is increasing, and Japanese, a language that is as important as English and Chinese in economic and cultural terms. In addition, the division offers an opportunity to nurture professional knowledge about the culture and literature of countries in which these languages are spoken.<br/>
The department was founded in 2017 by integrating Departments of Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, and English Language and Literature. It aims to educate professionals who can work as experts in their field with their broad knowledge aboutinternational communities. In order to achieve these goals, freshmen and sophomores are designed to take classes from two of three major areas, and juniors and above are offered more systematic and deeper learning in their choice of specialty to meet their academic and career needs.

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