Department of Architecture

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The objective of the Department of Architecture is to educate competitive talents who can create living spaces for people.
Various educational programs are designed to develop the students’ potentials in achieving this goal. The department offers five-year and four-year architectural study programs.
The five-year program aims to educate students in architectural design by nurturing abilities in creativity, planning, designing, and studio system. In order to meet international education standards, the curriculum follows the United International Architects (UIA) criteria.<br/>
The four-year program offers the engineering aspect of architecture through more profound courses to train competitive architectural engineers.<br/>
Architecture is a comprehensive art, while architectural engineering technologies are a means to achieve the ultimate goal of that art. Studies in structure, materials, construction, and CAD help students become professionals in the field. These efforts in education allowed students to win various domestic and international architecture competitions and participate in various international activities, building a quality tradition in the department.

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