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he Division of Multimedia Design was ambitiously founded by Inje University alongside its PRIME Project, in order to nurture competitive professionals of the twenty-first century. The department is at the core of the university’s mid-to-long-term development plan and its vision of educational specialization. More investment and support from the school will follow in the future, and the unique curriculum in education and research give the department a special status on the campus.<br/>
The department offers three tracks in visual information design, digital contents, and motion media. The students can participate in multiple tracks to nurture capabilities in their specialties as well as convergent abilities that can respond to rapidly changing professional demands of the industry.<br/>
The department aims to train capable and qualified talents who understand the importance of the new media and are capable of acquiring and re-creating new information for the new media industry. In addition to educating international talents who have the knowledge and technologies for a rapidly changing industrial society, professional talents with unique creative capabilities, and outstanding students with flexible thinking skills and global outlook will be trained.

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