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<b>Leading the convergence knowledge society through the combination of engineering and management</b><br/>
Industrial management engineering, an offshoot of industrial engineering, is a discipline that seeks to combine engineering techniques and business management to understand how to design, plan, and manage all processes of production in a harmonious manner. That is, this field of study looks at manufacturing systems represented by humans, materials, and capital, service system including financial institutions for customers, and public system such as government agencies composed of organization members and policy management. Just like a clinician diagnoses and analyzes patients’ diseases, industrial management engineering seeks to understand, enhance, and develop industrial phenomena to achieve optimization, rationalization, and efficientization. As such, students of industrial management engineering must be equipped with knowledge about multi-functional technologies with a basis on management-oriented mindset. He or she plays the role of a conductor in the “industrial orchestra,” leading the advanced convergence knowledge society.<br/><br/>

<b>Nurturing multi-player talents with creative problem-solving skills</b><br/>
The department enhances the quality and effect of education by specializing the field into management innovation, production systems, and information system, and it seeks to provide knowledge in engineering and management to train versatile and all-round talents with creative problem-solving skills who can survive in this age of convergence.

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