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Our college's medical education mission is “to train good doctors in the future” that are responsible for the health of our society and international communities, based on the educational objectives of “moral human beings, collaborative human beings, and practical human beings”, which are grounded on the founding spirit of the university, “仁術濟世”(saving the world through humanitarian medical practices) and “仁德濟世”(saving the world with benevolence and virtue).
Accordingly, the educational aim is to train successfully talented doctors who respect life and love humanity, which is in accordance with the founding spirits of the university, “仁術濟世”(saving the world through humanitarian medical practices) and “仁德濟世”(saving the world with benevolence and virtue).

What is required for achieving this educational goal is as follows:

First, students should grow into medical expert fully equipped with knowleges, skills, and ethics, which are necessary to try to figure out and solve all medical problems for themselves.

Second, students as future doctors are fully armed with the accountability toward patients and ethical consciousness.

Third, students should enhance their capabilities to evaluate and develop for themselves in order to study and research for a lifetime.

Fourth, medical students, as future doctors and health-care leaders, should keep the attitude and manner in which public interests are always prioritized for social cooperation.

To achieve the aforementioned goals, students should improve the following capacities: self-regulated lifelong learning and reflection, professionalism, leadership, effective communication, patient care, critical thinking and problem solving, using basic science in the practice of medicine, understanding and application of scientific methods.

Our university has established the following medical educational strategies. In addition, the achievement of a student's competency is evaluated by a criterion-referenced evaluation.
1. Competency-based education
2. Real-world problem solving ability
3. Integrated learning; biomedical, humanity, and social
4. Capability for physician-scientist

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