College of Medicine

Founding Philosophy

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Inje University College of Medicine stems from the incorporated foundation PAIK Hospital, Korea’s first private public interest corporation, established in 1946 by Dr. PAIK Inje, the greatest surgeon of his day, to realize a founding spirit, “仁術濟世”(saving the world through humanitarian medical practices). It opened in 1979 and developed into Inje University in 1989. Since its establishment, the college has continuously improved educational environment and reformed curriculum to achieve the educational goal of “nurturing good doctors”. As a result of these efforts, the college has been acquiring in succession with excellent grades the “Accreditation in Medical Education” given by the “Korean Institute of Medical Education and Evaluation”. In order to be reborn as a leading leader in Korean medical education, the college set up “Inje Medical College’s Development Plan for Training 21st Century Doctors” in 2001, and bears abundant fruit in seeking to be recognized as the best college for medical education and a prestigious one for medical research. Celebrating the 30th anniversary in 2009, the college also have formulated the “2020 Vision and Strategy for the Good Doctor Training Needed by Our Society and the International Society” as a new development plan for the future. In the meantime, with the cooperation of all faculties and students, university headquarters, school corporation, alumni association, medical college alumni association, parents’ association, and community, we have achieved many results. In particular, in 2012, it was awarded as the only medical college that completely meets excellent standards of the educational goals and the educational course in the “Accreditation in Medical Education of Medical Colleges and Graduate Schools of Medicine”, and became a leading medical education college in Korea. In 2019, which marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the school, we listened to the opinions of college members about their vision for the future, investigated the demands of local community members, and reaffirmed our mission and vision. As a result, we have reestablished our mission of “training good doctors in the future” that are responsible for the health of our society and international communities, based on the educational objectives of “moral human beings, collaborative human beings, and practical human beings”, which are grounded on the founding spirit of the university, “仁術濟世”(saving the world through humanitarian medical practices) and “仁德濟世”(saving the world with benevolence and virtue).

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College of Nursing

Founding Philosophy

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Based on humanitarian and existentialist philosophy, the College of Nursing seeks to train professional nurses equipped with the knowledge of nursing theories and practical skills. Under the goal of improving the human quality of life and contributing to the global welfare society, the students in our college learn basic and advanced knowledge on nursing. Students who wish to become a nurse must have a spirit of fraternity and service based on a good understanding of the humanity, and they must be able to cooperate and collaborate with other medical professionals. In addition, the nurses must have voluntary self-development skills, creative abilities, and problem-solving skills to fulfill the requirements of the future society and the national healthcare community, as well as to respond to various nursing situations in the field.

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Liberal Arts & Science College

Founding Philosophy

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Music is added to humanity ranging from philosophy and literature to foreign languages and music! College of Liberal Arts(I-LAC) at Inje University provides a variety of major tracks as well as a high-quality liberal arts education. In order to secure the foundation of Inje University''s core competencies, the college makes every efforts to enhance greatly students’ fundamental understanding of liberal arts, and, simultaneously, implements multi-major system, which require students to complete two specialized tracks (majors), for preparing the innovation of future society. Through multi-major system and convergence study program, the college seeks to concentrate on the realization of the university’s competencies while nurturing qualified talents by providing special programs to them. The college includes the following departments: the Department of Humanities and Culture, the Department of International Language and Literature, the Department of Music, the Department of In-dang Global Leaders, and the Department of Unification.

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College of Social Sciences

Founding Philosophy

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The College of Social Sciences at Inje University is composed of three thousand students and nine departments providing instruction on law, media and mass communication, police administration as well as the newer fields of healthcare administration, social welfare, counseling and psychology, special education, sports healthcare and early childhood education. The program provides the best education and dedicated instruction for students to nurture basic qualities as democratic citizens with outstanding academic capabilities.

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College of Business

Founding Philosophy

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College of Business, keeping pace with and leading communities, aims to nurture talented students required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Age by improving students’ learning capabilities and enhancing empathic capablities and the spirit of challenge. In order to foster talents who will contribute to the local companies’ incessant growth in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the college tries to its best to educate students to be fully armed with diverse knowledge and skills in the field of business. The majors of College of Business are divided into two trends: traditional one -Business Management, International Trade, Economics & Finance - and new one - Startup, Healthcare Business, and Big Data Business, which are expected to be increasingly significant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the case of choosing two majors together- a traditional and a new major- and studying them strenuously, students are expected to become much more successful leaders in community and society by acquiring advanced information and innovative skill as well as traditional knowledge.

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College of Engineering

Founding Philosophy

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The College of Engineering seeks to actively respond to the knowledge-based society of the twenty-first century by training qualified engineering talents required by industries and by focusing on cutting-edge production education for the purpose of fully implementing industry-university cooperation system. Through research on basic engineering technologies used in the field as well as academic inquiry on cutting-edge applied technologies and new technologies, the college aims to train outstanding engineers who will provide technical innovation and develop cutting-edge technologies for industrial organizations. With the introduction of an engineering certification policy in 2004, and the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board in 2022, the College of Engineering works to provide performance-based engineering education, demand-driven engineering education, and a global standardization of the curriculum, which builds leadership in globalization and informatization for practical and creative engineering students.

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College of AI

Founding Philosophy

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AI College at Inje University, based on the key principles of AI studies, educates AI-related knowledges and technologies by implementing practical curriculum and innovative educational methods that can continuously improve the academic achievement of students. In doing so, the college aims to nurture creative, innovative, and fusion-oriented talents, who can successfully cope with the challenges of the future society where the industrial application of artificial intelligence technology is increasingly important.Today, AI convergence technology is widely used in a wide range of fields, such as basic information industry, data-based customized medical service, AI digital healthcare, medical devices, autonomous vehicles, health care, defense, and social culture. It is a trend that changes with speed. Strategically seeking to play a leading role in AI academic disciplines that can bring about the development of the 4th industry and the radical change of human life in the future, AI College offers many courses on cloud computing, big data, blockchain, industrial security, and computer engineering, which are essential in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. AI College is striving to successfully establish Inje University's AI education platform by continuously developing convergent/practical education courses and opening systematic education programs.

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College of Healthcare Medical Science and Engineering

Founding Philosophy

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The College of Biomedical Engineering aims to train outstanding convergence-oriented professionals in biomedical healthcare. It consists of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, and the Department of Physical Therapy. The College integrates these academic disciplines with cutting-edge medical technologies, medical sciences, and biotech industry to develop new interdisciplinary areas and nurture outstanding talents required by future society.

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College of BNIT Convergence

Founding Philosophy

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In the twenty-first century when communication and exchange across the globe is possible thanks to the digital revolution, including the internet and social media, engineers must be equipped with professional knowledge, in addition to communication skills and knowledge in humanities encompassing literature, history, and philosophy. Moreover, the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is requiring future engineers to understand and adapt to the new phenomenon. The Inje University’s College of BNIT was founded in March 2017 to train talents that can adjust to rapidly changing industrial and socioeconomic environments. The key technologies that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution encompass physical technologies such as biotechnology (BT) including genetics and genetic editing, in addition to digital information technology (IT) including the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence, as well as drone, autonomous driving vehicles, 3D ing, and nanotechnology (NT). Beyond this, the new industry will bring a world integrating the cyber and physical world through the cyber-physical system (CPS). As such, Inje University established the College of BNIT in order to educate talents with the ability to adapt to the changing socio-economic-cultural environments and lead the future of convergence. The College of BNIT is composed of the Department of Nanoscience and Engineering, the Department of Food and Life Science, the Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the Department of Health Care Information Technology and Biomedical Laboratory Science . These disciplines break out of the borders of academic departments to converge and connect with each other, ultimately helping students enhance their competitiveness. In addition, the college will apply engineering knowledge to ideas from humanities to develop new products and systems, as well as to start new business using creative capabilities in convergence.

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College of Pharmacy

Founding Philosophy

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With the objective of nurturing professional pharmacy professionals for the twenty-first century and meeting global pharmacy education standards, the College of Pharmacy at Inje University is the first one of its kind in the Gyeongnam region in Korea. It is equipped with excellent faculties and Korea’s best pharmaceutical development and research facilities, which helps the college train industrial and research pharmacists with global capabilities to lead the pharmaceutical industry. The college also aims to nurture clinical pharmacists with medical and clinical knowledge who can provide reliable pharmaceutical materials. With a focus on training pharmacists with sufficient field experience in the pharmaceutical industry and an understanding of drug research and development, clinical trials, and submission approval process, the college is working to nurture talents with a global eye to lead the international pharmaceutical industry, as well as to satisfy the industrial requirements of the nation and the local community.

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