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2014 2nd Semester, Guidelines for foreign undergraduate transfer students
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Inje University have selected transfer students from aborad.

2014 2nd Semester, Guidelines for foreign undergraduate transfer students

Recruitment Unit and Screening Typology Members

College Recruitment Unit Foreign Transfer Students
(Junior Year)
Natural Science
  • Information Technology
  • Social Athletics
  • Biomedical Chemistry
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Environmental Engineering
No Limit
Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Business Management (Nights)
  • Business Department
  • International Economics and Commerce
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Social Welfare
  • Human Counselling and Welfare
  • Mass communication
  • History and Archaeology
  • English and English Literature
  • Humanities
  • Japanese and Japanese Literature
  • Political Science
  • Chinese Studies
  • Korean Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nano-Engineering
  • Systems Management Engineering
  • Electric and Robotic Engineering
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
  • Physical Therapy
  • Health and Safety
  • Biological Sciences
  • Food and Life Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Information Design
  • Product Interaction Design Course
  • Film and Animation Design

• The physical therapy and occupational therapy schools are currently accepting applications from transfer students with related majors applications. In the event that they have not yet graduated, they must study 1-2 semesters m ore than their graduated counterparts.
• Undergraduate transfer students may select their major after admission.


Admission Schedule

Section Date Venue
Application Form Available 05/07/2014 (Wed.) ~ 06/05/2014 (Thu.) The university homepage
Application Form Due 05/26/2014(Mon.) 09:00 ~ 06/05/2014 (Thu.) 17:00 The Gimhae Campus, the
Dept. of International Affairs
Interview 06/11/2014 (Wed.) The Gimhae campus
※ Precise time and venue TBD.
Announcement of Successful

06/20/2014(Fri.) 13:00

The university homepage

Registration Period 07/02-04/2014 (Wed. - Fri.) 17:00 When you receive your
certificate of admission

• Accepted students are subject to change.
• If students who have been accepted fail to register for classes, it will be assumed that they wish to cancel
their admittance.


• Foreign Transfer Students

  1. The applicant and his or her parents are foreigners who have educational backgrounds below.
    - Sophomores that attended a four-year institution or took more than four semesters(excluding summer/winter s emesters) and earned more than 70 credits

    - prospective graduates(planned g graduates) of two-year colleges.
    ※Even three-year colleges, must either have graduated or plan to graduate
    ※Regardless of your major in the previous college, it’s possible to apply


Screening Method

Section Requisite Screening Total Points Points Possible
Foreign Transfer Students Scoring the Interview 100 100

Interview Criteria
Personality, suitability for chosen major, mathematical skills, attitude towards the interview, ability to express one's self, special traits (e.g. Foreign language, ability to process data, various award for performance and various other credentials) are evaluated and put together on a scale of 100 points.

※ You must bring your ID and test identification slip with you to your interview. Those who do not bring them will not be allowed to be interviewed.


Documents to Submit

  1. One (1) copy of the Inje University's Transfer Application Form.
  2. One (1) copy of University Records, Attendance Certificate OR Graduation Certificate, OR planned graduation:
    ※ Certify that you have attended a university for 2-3 years.
    ※ In the event that the applicant doesn't not have such a certificate or equivalent, verification of grades issued by the department in the form of a "Certificate of Completion" or Certificate of Enrollment /Expulsion should be verified by a representative, then sealed and submitted.

  3. Year in School (or year student will be upon acceptance)
    Credits completed by Sophomore year/ Credits needed for graduation
    Representative's name, seal/signature, and contact information (Stamp) / Tel :
  1. One (1) copy of your trans c r from your previous school.
    ※ Grades should be listed up till the last semester that has been completed.
    ※ If you wish to permanently transfer schools you must submit your university trans c r s before transferring.
  2. You and your parents' Foreigner's Registration Number(s) (Local residents only)
  3. Certificate of Korean Language Ability
    - Have to submit at least one of language Ability.
  4. A copy of you and you parents' government-issued family register and proof of citizenship.

    ※ If you are a Chinese student, you must submit you and your parents' Household Register (Resident Identity Card) and depending on the situation, you must also submit your Notarized Relationship.
  5. Additional Requirements for Graduates of Foreign Universities
    - One (1) copy of Certificate of Completion from the university (issued by an embassy, consolate, or cultural center) OR one (1) copy of an Apostille Certificate.

    - Agreement of Education Inquiry -학력조회동의서 (본교양식) 1부

    ※ For graduates of universities in China pease submit the Chinese Higher Education Certification Report (in English) instead of the regular certificate. (see to apply)

    ※ If you have a document that is not in English or Korean, you must submit an English translation along with notarization.
    ※ Successful applicants must submit paperwork that shows that they have the appropriate Visa for their intentions in Korea.


Application Fee

  1. Application Fee : 70,000 won
  2. The application fee is non-refundable except for the case below.
    - Not in case of your responsibility like natural disaster, disease, inevitable accidents, et cetra, 30,000won is refundable.
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