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2014 2nd Semester Guidelines for foreign undergraduate applicants
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2014 2nd Semester Guidelines for foreign undergraduate applicants

Recruitment Unit and Screening Typology Members

College Recruitment Unit Venue
Natural Science
  • Information Technology
  • Biomedical Chemistry
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Simulation
  • Environmental Engineering
No Limit
Humanities and
Social Sciences
  • Business Management (Nights)
  • Management(Business Administration, Hospital Management, Tax and Accounting)
  • International Economics and Commerce (International Trade, Economics & Finance, International Medical Tourism)
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Social Welfare
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Human Counselling and Welfare(Family counselling and welfare, Consumer counseling and welfare)
  • Mass communication
  • History and Archaeology
  • English and English Literature
  • Humanities(Philosophy and Ethics, Humanistic Contents)
  • Japanese and Japanese Literature
  • Political Science
  • Chinese Studies(Chinese Language and Literature, Interpretation and Translation of Korean-Chinese)
  • Korean Studies(Korean Language and Literature, Korean Culture)
  • Public Administration
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering ABEEK
  • Nano-EngineeringABEEK (Nano-bio, Nanodevices)
  • Department of Industrial and Management EngineeringABEEK
  • Electronic EngineeringABEEK
  • Information and Communications EngineeringABEEK
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Computer EngineeringABEEK (Computer Engineering/Multimedia Network Engineering)
  • Civil and Urban EngineeringABEEK (Civil Engineering,Urban Engineering)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Health and Safety
  • Biological Sciences(Biomedical Science,Biotechnology)
  • Food and Life Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Occupational Therapy
Design Design
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Information Design
  • Product Interaction Design Course
  • Film and Animation Design
  • Undergraduate freshman Students can choose any particulars major after taking essential process classes. There is no limitation of fixed students number.
  • All undergraduate students can have double major from sophomore first semester except department of Biomedical Laborato ry Science, department of physical therapy, department of occupation therapy, department of Architecture. There is no limita tion of fixed students number.
  • Department of Architecture are 5 years program.
  • The mark ‘ABEEK’ means that departments carrying out a special engineering program called Abeek (Accreditation Board f or Engineering Education of Korea)
  • Department of business administration carrying out a special business program.


Admission Schedule

Section Date Venue
Application Form Available 05/07/2014 (Wed.) ~ 06/05/2014 (Thu.) The university homepage
Application Form Due 05/26/2014(Mon.) 09:00 ~ 06/05/2014 (Thu.) 17:00 The Gimhae Campus, the Dept. of International Affairs
Interview 06/11/2014 (Wed.) The Gimhae campus
* Precise time and venue TBD.
Announcement of Successful
06/20/2014 (Fri.) 13:00 The university homepage
Registration Period 07/02-04/2014 (Wed. - Fri.) 17:00 When you receive your certificate of admission
  • After we announce the successful candidate, the applicants should register before deadline. If you don’t register before deadline, you forfeit your entrance into a school.
  • Application requisition should be submitted in person to the Department of International Affairs.

※ The schedule can be changed depending on the candidates.


Screening Method Section

Section Requisite Screening
Foreign Students Scoring the Interview 100%
  • Interview Criteria
    Personality, suitability for chosen major, mathematical skills, attitude towards the interview, ability to express one's self, special traits (e.g. Foreign language, ability to process data, various award for performance and various other credentials) are evaluated and put together on a scale of 100 points.

※ You must bring your ID and test identification slip with you to your interview. Those who do not bring them will not be allowed to be interviewed.



Applicant Eligibility
Foreigner The applicant and his or her parents are foreigners who have a High School Diploma (planned) or equivalent
※ All parents and students should be connatural foreigner. But in parents case the person recieved nationality before the children was born, is allowed.
  • Foreigner Criteria : The person who doesn’t have Korean citizenship. (Excepting Dual Citizenship and stateless person)
  • Basic Education requirement
    1) Finished a course of highschool study OR currently in the final semester of study.
    2) Transferred to the local high school from foreign High School abroad, finished a course of high school study OR currently in the final semester of study.
    3) Has completed all school courses more than nine years or a recognized academic equivalent. Finished pre-high school curriculum in a National Institute for International Education Development Ministry of Education, and after that, finished a course of highschool study OR currently in the final semester of study.
    4) The study periods of Elementary, Middle, High School are based on Korean educational system.
    5) If the study period of Elementary, Middle, High School are under 12years, students may be admitted by the conditions below:
    - Have completed training courses in elementary, middle and high school in the same foreign country
    - Gone to school for 12 years but lack one semester due to the difference in educational systems.
    - Have completed college courses in home country for the part that is lacking.
    - Finished last 3years(9,10,11grades) in the country where the educational periods are 11years.
    6) If the period of study in domestic and foreign is redundant or duplicated in the same grade or semester overseas, only 6 months are admitted as the period of application eligibility.


Korean Language Requirement

  • Applicants must have one of language qualifications below.
    - TOPIK score of level 3 or higher
      ※ level 4 is required to graduate, students may not graduate without it.
    - KLPT score 350 or higher
    - TOEFL 550, CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550 or higher


Documents to Submit and Application Fee

  • A copy of 종합기록표(Attached file) 1부
  • A copy of Cover Letter
  • Agreement of Education Inquiry (Write all schools attended from abroad)
  • A copy of Certificate of High School graduation or planned graduation.
  • A copy of Trans c r of Elementary, Middle, High School
  • A copy of Certificate of attendance for Elementary, Middle, High School(Specify the period of study , Only for School in abroad)
  • A copy of you and your parents' government-issued family register and proof of citizenship.
  • You and your parents' Certificate of foreign nationality
  • You and your parents' Foreigner's Registration Number(s) (Local residents only)
  • Certificate of Korean Language Ability
  • Documents of Financial ability
    - Financial guarantor' Certificate of deposit balance more than USD$10,000
       (Deposited for more than one month.)
       OR Remittance OR Certificate of Currency exchange
    - Financial guarantor's
      1) Certificate of Employment OR Certificate of Business Registration
      2) certificate of property tax
      3) Pledge of Studying expense (Attached file below)

※ If you are a Chinese student, you must submit you and your parents' Household Register (Resident Identity Card) and depending on the situation, you must also submit your Notarized Relationship.

※ If you have a document that is not in English or Korean, you must submit an English translation along with notarization.

※ Successful applicants must submit paperwork that shows that they have the appropriate Visa for their intentions in Korea.

※ The Successful candidates have to submit an Apostille'd confirmation from the government of the country for certificates of Graduation or planned graduation, trans c r s, and certificate of attendance until 2013. 8.9 (Fri) to
the University Admissions Office. In the case that a document does not have an Apostille, the student has to submit these certifications to the 'Confirmation of Consul' in Korean consulate located in their country. Someone who graduates from an Overseas Korean school approved by the Ministry of graduates is not required to submit these documents.


Application Fee

Application Fee : 60,000원



  1. Scholarships available only for incoming foreign transfer students are shown below.
    • Entrance Fee
    - Waived: Students with a TOPIK level 5 or a GPA of 80 (on a 100 point scale) or higher
    - 50% discount: Other applicants
    • Registration fee
    - 80% discount: GPA of 80 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.
    - 50% discount: GPA of 70 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.
    - 30% discount: GPA of 60 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.
    * After that scholarships will be given based on grades.
  2. Above Scholarships are for the first semester, After that scholarships will be given based on grades.
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