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Transfer students, fall semester 2012
Date2012-05-25Date 2035

Transfer students, fall semester 2012


Inje University have selected transfer students from aborad.

■ The Screening Process

Application Form Available 05/07/2012 (Mon.)~ 06/01/2012 (Fri.) The university homepage
Application Form Due 05/25/2012 (Fri.) 09:00~ 06/01/2012 (Fri.) 17:00 The Gimhae Campus, the Dept. of International Affairs
Interview 06/07/2012 (Thu.) The Gimhae campus
※ Precise time and venue TBD.
Announcement of Successful Applicants 06/22/2012 (Fri.) 13:00 The university homepage
Registration Period 07/04-06/2012 (Wed. - Fri.) When you receive your certificate of admission

※ Accepted students are subject to change.

■ If students who have been accepted fail to register for classes, it will be assumed that they wish to cancel their admittance.

■ Eligibility

■ Foreign Transfer Students1.
- In the event that the applicant and or his or her parents are foreigners, the applicant must have at least a TOPIK level of 3 or a TOEFL score of 550, a CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5, or a TEPS 550.
※ A TOPIK score of level 3 is enough to get into the program, but level 4 is required to graduate (students may not graduate without it).
- Sophomores that attended a four-year institution or four semesters (excluding summer semesters) or more and have at least 70 credits
- Students who have graduated (or plan to graduate) from a junior, or community college or equivalent in accordance with the legislation.
※ In case the students attended a three-year college, they must either have graduated or plan to graduate.
※ The school's recruitment team, along with the students who have already graduated regardless of major, can be of assistance.

■ Assessment Protocol

  1. Applicants for the recruitment unit are given a required screening test and are chosen based on their score.
  2. The University's Admissions Management Committee will arrange and admit applicants based on academic level academic level.
  3. In the event that you are absent for your scheduled interview, you will fail interview portion.
  4. If it is discovered that you have transferred schools illegally, your admittance will be canceled, even if you are already in school.
  5. If more than two (2) people on the interview committee give you a zero (0) you fail the interview
  6. Students who score the same number of points will be recognized as having equal rank.

■ Documents to Submit and Application Fee

  1. Documents to Submit:

    A. One (1) copy of the Inje University's Transfer Application Form.

    B. One (1) copy of University Records, Attendance Certificate, OR Graduation Certificate, OR planned graduation:
    ※ Certify that you have attended a university for 2-3 years.
    ※ In the event that the applicant doesn't not have such a certificate or equivalent, verification of grades issued by the department in the form of a "Certificate of Completion" or Certificate of Enrollment /Expulsion should be verified by a representative, then sealed and submitted.

    C. One (1) copy of your trans c r from your previous school.
    ※ Grades should be listed up till the last semester that has been completed.
    ※ If you wish to permanently transfer schools you must submit your university trans c r s before transferring.

    D. You and your parents' Foreigner's Registration Number(s) (Local residents only)

    E. A copy of you and your parents' government-issued family register and proof of citizenship.
    ※ If you are a Chinese student, you must submit you and your parents' Household Register (Resident Identity Card) and if depending on the situation, you must also submit your Notarized Relationship.

    F. Additional Requirements for Graduates of Foreign Universities
    - One (1) copy of Certificate of Completion from the university (issued by an embassy, consolate, or cultural
    center) OR one (1) copy of an Apostille Certificate.
    - One (1) copy. of SAT or ACT (Student Aptitude Test)
    ※ For graduates of universities in China pease submit the Chinese Higher Education Certification Report (in English) instead of the regular certificate. (see to apply)

    G. Certificate of TOPIK record

    ※ If you have a document that is not in English or Korean, you must submit an English translation along with it.
    ※ Successful applicants must submit paperwork that shows that they have the appropriate Visa for their intentions in Korea.

  2. Application Fee : ₩ 70,000


■ How to Fill out Application

  1. This form must be printed out and filled out neatly
  2. To avoid clerical errors, make sure that the information in this form is identical to that of the original transfer application. Applicants are responsible for any errors.
  3. If you make a mistake on this form, cross it out with two (2) lines then stamp the form with you seal (stamp).
  4. Make sure that your Resident Registration Number completely correct.
  5. List you and your parent/guardians' address, phone number, etc. so that we may contact you during the screening period should the need arise. (If during the screening period this information changes, you must inform the University Admissions Office)

■ NOTICE Candidates:

  1. Candidates who are enrolled in two (2) or more universities at the time of application need only register one of them.
  2. The university recruitment team cannot support duplicates, do not submit more than one copy.
  3. During the screening period, the successful candidates will not be announced directly to the applicants, but will be posted on the university homepage.
  4. Once the documents and the application fee have been submitted, they will not be returned and cannot be corrected.
  5. During the screening period, the candidate should carry a copy of the test Identification slip on their person at all times and during the interview time, it must be pinned on the left side of the candidate's chest
  6. Successful candidates who do not register during the prescribed period will have their acceptance withdrawn.
  7. Those who have been accepted and are registered in this university just as at other universities, but decide that they do not wish to attend this university, and/or wish to attend a different university, may let the admissions office know, and they may be refunded if promptly presented with (within 12 hours) the Declaration to Relinquish Registration Form (within 12 hours) must be submitted to the Admissions Office.
    ■ Registration fee may be refunded:
    - Monday-Friday : 10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.
    ■ Things to bring: Reciept for payment of tuition, stamp, ID card, and a bank book (either the applicant's or a family member's)
  8. If we are unable to contact you your acceptance (including additional acceptance) may be in jeopardy. It is you and your parent/guardian's responsibility to remain in contact.
  9. For matters not covered in the Code of Conduct, admission is subject to the Admissions Management Committee.
  10. Matters related to the trans c r of records will not be disclosed.
  11. In the event that there are some among the transfer students whose korean proficiency level is insufficient, they must receive training at the university's Korean Cultural Education Center for a scheduled period of time.
  12. Scholarships available only for incoming foreign transfer students are shown below.
    ■ Entrance Fee
    - Waived: Students with a TOPIK level 5 or a GPA of 80 (on a 100 point scale) or higher
    - 50% discount: Other applicants
    ■ Registration fee
    - 80% discount: GPA of 80 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant's previous school.
    - 50% discount: GPA of 70 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant's previous school.
    - 30% discount: GPA of 60 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant's previous school.
    * After that scholarships will be given based on grades.
  13. For more information please contact the University Admissions Office (☎ 055-320-3700~2)
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