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Transfer students, Spring semester 2012
Date2011-11-29Date 1872

Inje University have selected transfer students from aborad.

■ The Screening Process

Place and Notes
Application Period
Mail or Personally Turn in 11/28/11 (Mon.) ~ 12/02/11 (Fri.)
9:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
Inje University 197 Injero Kimhae, Gyeongnam South Korea 621-749
The Department of Foreign Affairs
Interview 12/07/11 (Wed.) 1:00 p.m.
Main Building Room #701
Announcement of the Successful Candidates 12/14/11 (Wed.) 1:00 p.m. University Homepage (
Registration Period Individual Notification

- The students that have been accepted may be subject to change.
- After the announcement of the accepted students, the students may deem to decline acceptance during the registration period.

■ Application

1. In the event that the applicant and or his or her parents are foreigners, the applicant must have at least a TOPIK level of 3 or a TOEFL score of 550, a CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5, or a TEPS 550.

※ However, a graduate of a domestic university or professional school (or is planning to graduate) OR if the student has spent more than 6 months in a intermediate or higher level Korean language class he or she may be eligible to for a waiver to the Korean Language Proficiency Test.
※ A TOPIK score of level 3 is enough to get into the program, but level 4 is required to graduate (students may not graduate without it).

2. To whom it applies:

  • Students who have (or plan to have) completed at least 2 years (or 4 semesters) of college (including broadcast and signal corps and industrial schools, but not including seasonal terms).
  • Community college graduates (or those who plan on graduating)
    ※ Including graduates of 3-year universities (or students who plan on graduating from a 3-year university)
  • Those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher (or plan to) through the Credits Act or the Lifelong Learning programs. (Bachelor’s degrees must require at least 80 credits)
  • Students attending a foreign 4-year university must complete 4 semesters and ½ of the required courses for a bachelor’s degree)
  • Students who have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

※ Inje University recruitment units and the university from which the student graduated can have an affiliation regardless of the major.


How to Apply

Required Screening
Points Received
Total Point Possible
Foreign Transfer Student Grade for the Interview 100 100

How to convert your GPA

Out of 4.5 : {(GPA - 1.0) × (40 / 3.5)} + 60
Out of 4.3 : {(GPA - 0.7) × (40 / 3.6)} + 60
Out of 4.0 : {(GPA - 0.7) × (40 / 3.3)} + 60
Out of 100 : As is.
※ Round to the 3rd decimal point.


Required Documents
1. Transfer Student Application Form (from Inje University) one copy
2. A certificate issued by previous school for the classes taken (or plan to have taken) or graduation: one copy
※ 2~3-year university graduation certificate (or certificate on pending graduation)
※ If the applicant does not have a certificate from their previous university, they may have one issued by a representative affiliated with that university (enrollment, leave of absence) with the following details submitted after being filled out, signed and sealed by that representative.

Year in School (or year student will be upon acceptance)  
Credits completed by Sophomore year/ Credits needed for graduation  
Representative’s name, seal/signature, and contact information ____________(인) / ☎ :

3. Certificate of the grades the previous semester at previous school: one copy

※ Grades up to and including the most recent semester.
※ If the also transferred to the previous school, the student must also submit that school’s transcript.
(However, grades given must be the most recent grades for each school)

4. The applicant and his or her parents’ foreign registration card (if the live in country)
5. The applicant and his or her parents’ foreign government-issued family register and proof of foreign nationality

※ Any documents not in either English or Korean must be translated into either language before it is submitted
※ With respect to the successful applicant’s Visa, additional documents should be submitted.

6. Additional documents that graduates of foreign universities need to submit

- Academic Ability Inquiry Consent Form (Our format) 1 copy

※ Add the final successful applicants to submit documents

  • The final successful applicants must submit a certificate of his or her most recent university grades, graduation certificate/degree (or certificate of pending graduation) proof of enrollment from the government of the country where university is located in the form of an “Apostille Certificate” or get a consulate confirmation from a Korean consulate in your country and submit that.
  • Performance level is based on the applicant’s GPA, minimum degree requirements, and other criteria on official university documents: 1 copy

※ All documents not in English or Korean MUST be translated into one of those languages before submission.


Application Fee : ₩ 70,000

? Only in the following situation is it possible to receive a refund of the application fee.
- If the is a medical emergency within the applicant’s immediate family: natural disaster, disease, or other accident not attributable to the applicant and for that reason are unable to go to the interview the interview fee of 30,000 Won will be refunded


Declining Registration and Refunds
1. The successful candidate who has registered with university and does not think he or she will attend should fill out a refund application form.
2. Refund Procedures: See the university homepage.
3. Refund Period: 2/16/12 (Thurs.) ~ 22 (Wed.)


Candidates: Please Note
1. If the candidate has spent 2 or more semesters at the same university, he or she need only submit the grades for the most recent semester at that school.

2. A candidate may not be recruited by more than one recruitment unit at the university.

3. Documents submitted with the application fee will not be returned and cannot be corrected.

4. During the application period, candidates should always keep his or her test identification number on their phone. At the time of the interview and examination it must be attached to the left side of his or her shirt.

5. Successful candidates who do not register during the allotted period forfeit their acceptance.

6. If the candidate loses his or her opportunity to be accepted due to being out of contact (including additional acceptance) the applicant and his or her parents or guardians are responsible.

7. Points not stated in the Code of the Administrative Committee of University Admissions are subject to the deliberation of the board of trustees.

8. Matters relating to the transfer of records will not be disclosed

9. If a foreign transfer student has insufficient Korean proficiency he or she must enroll in the Korean Language, Culture, and Education Center for a period of time.

10. Typically only the following scholarships are available for incoming Foreign transfer students. They are as follows:

? Entrance Fee
- Waived: Students with a TOPIK level 5 or a GPA of 80 (on a 100 point scale) or higher
- 50% discount: Other applicants

? Registration fee
- 80% discount: GPA of 80 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.
- 50% discount: GPA of 70 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.
- 30% discount: GPA of 60 or better on a 100 point scale at the applicant’s previous school.

※ Scholarships are given after admission based on the previous semester’s GPA.

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