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Transfer students, fall semester 2011
Date2011-05-30Date 1871

Inje University have selected transfer students from aborad.

Eligibility Requirements

- Both students and his/her parents have foreign nationality and the students who completed more than 4 semesters and 70 credits of a university or college in foreign countries

- Those who are in more than level 3 in TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean)

- Those who completed the intermediate courses at Center for Korean Language & Culture at Inje or graduated(graduating) college in Korea don't need TOPIK score

** Definition and scope of foreigners: One who does not have the Korean nationality. The students with dual nationality or a stateless student is excluded from the consideration. (However, the students who have a dual nationality will be conditionally considered for the admission if he/she has given up the Korean nationality by the time when his/her application is considered.)

Screening Process and schedule
Interview : General Screening Process for all Majors, the result is 100% determined by the interview result.

Date & Time
Reception of allication forms
2011. 5. 30.(Mon) 09:00 ~ 2011. 6. 3.(Fri) 17:00
International Affairs at Gimhae Campus
Interview 2011. 6. 15.(Wed)
Gimhae Campus
** Details will be noticed by email
Announcement of Result
2011. 6. 22.(Wed) 13:00
Inje website
2011. 7. 4.(Mon) ~ 8.(Fri)
wire transfer

** Things are subject to change

** We make comprehensive evaluation of the applicants including personality, interview attitude, ability to express, specialty, aptitude for the major subjects, and scholastic aptitude.

Required Documents

1) Application form (Download)
2) A Certificate of Graduation or Expected Graduation or completion of a university or college
3) Transcript for all courses
4) A Certificate of Personal Identification for both of students and their parents
5) Alien registration Card (Student), Alien registration Card (Parents) for those who have them
6) Those who A certificate of establishment of university or college or apostille
Chinese students can download the certificate at ( )
7) Letter Of Consent

Interview fee : 70,000 Korean won

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