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Farewell Ceremony for Inje Exchange Students
Date2014-06-09Date 1727
Inje University Farewell Ceremony for all the exchange students in the first semester of 2014 was held in Indankkwan, the main hall, on June 9th.

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19 students from China, Sweden, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Japan took part and Dean of International Affairs, Jaesop Pak was there to say good bye to them in their final gathering. Mohammed Muhannad from Sweden said “I would never forget everything Inje has done to me. I really had a wonderful time here. I wish I was here again.”

Meanwhile, earlier this day, the manager of foreign affairs department in Gimhaejungbu Police Station, Huh Cheol made a visit and delivered a special lecture themed on ‘Safety Education and Crime Prevention’ for the foreign students since the crime rate aimed at the foreign students is increasing recently all around the country. Inje University News Editor Image

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