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Inauguration of Hyuksang Lee, the New Chairman of the Inje Board
Date2014-03-10Date 705
The inauguration ceremony for the new Chairman of the Inje Board, Hyuksang Lee, was held in the Indankkwan hall in Seoul Paik Hospital on 7th, March.

Chairman Lee said through his inaugural speech, “I will have to make four things possible for improving competitive organizational culture. Principal business of management, transparency of management, communication of management and substantial management. That is why we need to select more talented people and change compensation system effectively by legitimate and fair teacher evaluation system for the dynamic and growing organization.”

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Chairman Lee has got his Bachelor of Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, College of Medicine, SNU in 1962, and became associated with Paik Hospital by receiving an appointment as Head of Surgery in Seoul Paik Hospital in 1970. He also served as Director of Seoul Paik Hospital and Director of the Central Paik Medical Center.

He, having great renown for the Korean liver special list, succeeded in adult liver transplantation in 1992 for the first time in Korea. And He prepared the ground for the progress of surgery and medical world and by holding various medical posts in succession.
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