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Inje Korean Language and Culture Program ended in a success.
Date2014-03-07Date 2898
From the first day of March, about two weeks, the students from Inje’s partner universities, which are Chiangmai University and Malaysia Multi Media University, had a wonderful time joining ‘Inje Korean Language and Culture Program’.

During this short-term program, students did experience various things of Korean language and culture such as studying Korean and making their own pottery, traditional bracelet, Bibimbap (Korean food), and tea ceremony, Taekkyon (Korean traditional martial arts), and K-pop dance as well. Inje University News Editor Image

They also visited a plenty of must-see stops in Korea. Gyeongju for Korea’s Unesco World Heritage, Seoul for seeing Korea’s most dynamic society, Busan and Gimhae for the beautiful beach, APEC House, BIFF Square, and Tomb of King Suro.

Han May Lin from MMU said, “It’s great to meet real Korea, not online. I actually got so many beautiful photos while I have been staying here in Korea. I feel like I am going to miss everything about Korea. I would like to say thank you for having everything nicely prepared.” Inje University News Editor Image
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