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Inje University Holds 30th Commencement Ceremony
Date2014-02-14Date 2057
The 30th commencement ceremony of Inje University was held in a hall of the Jangyoungsil building on Friday, February 14th. About 500 guests including President Wonro Lee, Vice Director Sookyung Paik, Mayor Maengkon Kim, students and parents were present at the commencement. A total number of 2,792 students, (2,233 undergraduate and 496 graduate students) got their degree.

Inje University Holds 30th Commencement Ceremony Sarang Kim (Physical Therapy) won the Chairman Award. President Awards were given to Jiyeon Kim (Medicine), Kyunghwan Lee (Data Science), Inyoung Hwang (Special Education) and Dongsoo Kim (Architecture) and Sungtaek Oh (Design).

Wonro Lee, President of Inje University, said “Many people categorize our lives as three things and often referred to as 3S. The first things is Survival Life, meaning just living day-to-day life, the strategy for survival. Successful Life is the second. Taking a step to socially succeed and get to the position that you want. The last one is Significant Life, literally meaningful life, the mission lead you to do something good for your life and go on for your dream come true. The first and second are also important. However, ‘the mission driven life’ is one the best and what Inje University seek to do. I hope that every people from all around the world have the privilege of working with you, Inje students. Thank you.” Inje University Holds 30th Commencement Ceremony
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