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Faculty of Nursing from Soka University, Japan Visit to Inje
Date2015-03-26Date 2254
Professor Satoshi Sasaki and Naganuma Takami from School of Nursing of Soka University, visited Inje University on 25th March 2015 to discuss the general nursing student exchanges and training program, such as short term exchange program and other development plans between two institutions.
Soka University (創価大学, Sōka Daigaku) is a private university in Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan. The school was founded and opened to undergraduate students in 1971 and opened a graduate school in 1975. It operates 9 departments for 7 undergraduate programs and the university was selected as one of the leading university out of 37 universities for the Super Global Assessment program by the Japan Ministry of education in 2014.
The officials of Soka University said our future nursing students will be dispatched to the Inje University and those students will participate in the school of Nursing as an exchange student and other short term training program.
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